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    July 18, 2018

    Machinery Update Magazine this month included a feature entitled ‘Automation, Robotics and Vision’, which set out the technologies likely to see increasing prominence in the near future. At the Adelphi Group we are ahead of the game, with all of these ‘new’ ideas already in use.

    Digital display
    Digital controls are fast-replacing buttons and knobs in machine operations.

    Adelphi provide digital human-machine interface (HMI) or electrical/pneumatic button control options for clients, but Mechanical Fitter Ben Harragan stresses that “currently around 70% of clients prefer the HMI digital option”. The main advantage of HMI is that there are a range of custom design possibilities with Adelphi’s in-house software, which can include different languages for our international clients, a personalised company logo and display customisation options.

    X-ray technology is becoming increasingly used for analysis of products and materials.

    At Adelphi, our X-ray analyser provides full traceability on our materials, accompanied with the relevant certification, to provide assurance that all products are the correct grade of stainless steel (304 or 316). Always one step ahead, Adelphi Coldstream purchased the analyser approximately seven years ago, and have never looked back. It is used weekly on all new stock, to ensure that the correct grade of stainless steel is being provided to our clients without fail.

    Combi-configuration machines
    Clients are increasingly wanting to purchase complete lines, to save the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and to ensure that all parts purchased will be compatible.

    The modular design of Adelphi’s turnkey production lines can be constructed to perform many functions, such as washing/sterilising, inspecting, filling, capping, induction sealing, labelling and boxing.

    Adelphi Masterfil’s System F-1800 has been developed to deliver most of the benefits of a bespoke filling machine, without time consuming bespoke engineering work, and at ‘off-the-shelf’ prices. At the heart of the System F-1800 is a modular design that is capable of being configured to individual requirements without the need for bespoke development work.  Modules such as the Frame, Pumping System, Control System, Product Feed, Drive Systems, Conveyor and Guarding can be specified in almost any combination, and a range of options can be selected to further tailor a machine to particular production environments. The primary benefits of the modular System F-1800 are increased production output, lower operating costs, greater standards of hygiene and the ability to quickly and cost effectively increase the capacity of your filling line as demand dictates.  In addition, delivery lead time should be drastically reduced from the industry standard of 12-18 weeks.

    ATEX certification
    Machinery which processes flammable or explosive products must adhere to ATEX regulations.

    Adelphi Manufacturing’s Response volumetric filler is our most widely used ATEX certified machine.  Adelphi Coldstream can also custom-build ATEX certified vessels. We provide all the extensive but necessary compliance documentation, for our clients’ peace of mind.

    System F-1800 automatic filling machine

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