• Apollo I Liquid Inspection Unit

  • Simple Particulate Detection

    1.7x Magnification for Infallible Results

    Delivery Within Days


    Product Specification:

    • Simple detection of unwanted particulate contamination in injections and intravenous infusions.
    • Hygienic stainless steel construction.
    • LED light source for durable bulb life.
    • Intuitive assembly; get started straight away.
    • Adjustable height and angle reduce operator fatigue.
    • Optional IQ/OQ documentation.
    • User manual available in English (additional languages upon request).


    Adelphi Manufacturing also offer:
    Apollo II Liquid Viewer
    (for transparent glass containers)
    Apollo II High Intensity Liquid Viewer
    (for coloured glass containers)

    Both Apollo II units conform to the European Pharmacopoeia Specification 2.9.20 and to the US Pharmacopoeia – USP chapter 41, section 6.1.

  • Apollo I Liquid Inspection Unit
  • Zero EU Import Duty. Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    6031301 Apollo I Liquid Inspection Unit £1365.00
    6031300-IQOQ Apollo I Liquid Inspection Unit IQ/OQ Documentation £295.00

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