• Pressure Vessels

  • Durable, Easy to Sterilise, Re-Useable

    Full Material Traceability

    to meet international pharma and food quality compliance regulations.


    Vacuum Pressure Vessels - Product Specification:

    • 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel.
    • ATEX compliant vessels available upon request.
    • The types of pressure vessel we offer are:
      - Vessel with internal pressure
      - Vessel with internal vacuum pressure
      - Pressurised heating or cooling jacket
      (with liquid in the jacket, with no pressure in the vessel)
      - Pressurised vessel with pressurised liquid heating jacket
    • Options include a sensor to ensure that product volume never falls below a certain level, and a mobile frame for more efficient cleaning.
    • Material Grade, Surface Finish & TSE certification available upon request.
    • Vacuum pressure vessel


    Please note that to fall within the necessary Sound Engineering Practice specifications, Volume multiplied by Pressure must be equal to or less than 50.

    For Example:
    - 50 litres of product x maximum 1 bar of pressure
    - 25 litres of product x maximum 2 bar of pressure

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