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  • From Artisan to International: Male Grooming Edition

    December 20, 2021

    The Challenge:

    A customer in the male grooming industry was unable to keep up with demand by filling manually and therefore required a filling machine that would suit the characteristics of their small-scale company, as well as being space efficient. Cosmetic ingredients are subject to wasteful clotting, coagulation or crystallisation, the filling machine purchased would need to be able to handle the challenging products

    The Solution:

    A Response Benchtop Filler was recommended to the customer as an ideal starter semi-automatic filling machine, which can be upgraded to a fully automatic line at any point. Not only does the filler increase production speed and accuracy it reduces waste product, saving the organisation money.

    Équipement de fabrication de cosmétiques et de soins de la peau

    The Benefits:

    The Response Benchtop Filler at a glance:

    • Industry-leading accuracy of +/-0.25% (compared to the industry average of just +/-1%) reduces waste and improves the reliability of your filling.
    • Fast filling, 20-40 bottles per minute; producing an average of 15,000 containers per 8 hour shift.
    • Fill volumes from 3ml to 1L.
    • Fully strip for cleaning in as little as 3 minutes, to minimise production downtime in between filling different products and containers.
    • Versatile, to fill your complete product range; interchangeable nozzles for different product viscosities, including oils, gels, creams, pastes and even tricky scrubs with particulates.


    Further Recommendations:

    The Response Benchtop Filler is a proven concept supplied to over 19 countries worldwide and trusted by brands including Connolly’s Red Mills, Eve Taylor and FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender Ltd (click on the company to read the full testimonial about their experiences)

    You can watch a video of the Response Benchtop Filler here >>>

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